• Organizing your BOM

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    Organize you BOMs with openBoM folders

    Length: 1:54

    Using and defining BOM properties

    Length: 3:30

    Template support for inventory configurations

    Length: 2:24

    Using and defining BOM properties

    Length: 1:44

    Properties (= column attributes) is how openBoM BOMs are organized. This video shows you how to create Properties and manage them.

    Changing the position of BOM properties

    Length: 1:01

    We've improved how to change the position of BOM properties in a BOM using simple drag & drop.

    Filter a BOM using Property values

    Length: 1:09

    We've added the means to filter a BOM using Property values. This feature is useful when working on BOMs with a large number of items.

    Managing public and private BOM properties using Property Tables

    Length: 3:27

    openBoM provides you the flexibility of creating and managing BOM properties. On this video, learn how openBoM manages both Public and Private properties.

    Add property item values to a BOM from an assigned Inventory or Parts List

    Length: 1:26

    It's now possible to bring item values from an inventory or parts list assigned to a BOM with matching Part Numbers

    Marking a BOM as "Released

    Length: 0:56

    Once a BOM is ready, it's now possible to mark it as Released. Once marked thus, a BOM becomes read-only and cannot be changed or altered. All other features such as Sharing, History of Changes, Change Reports, "Where used" queries are still available.

    Using the Checkbox property type

    Length: 0:56

    We've added a new property type, Checkbox which makes it possible to check or mark off items in a BOM. This property is ideal when collaborating with others to check mark and track items as necessary.

    Group parts by name (for Onshape users)

    Length: 1:31

    If you use Part Studio to create multiple part instances you will have them duplicated in Onshape assembly with the same name multiple times. In such situations, openBoM can help you produce an accurate BOM. This video shows you how the 'Group by name' feature works.

    How to create external links in a BOM

    Length: 1:13

    The Reference property type allows you to enter external references in your BOM. It is useful when you want to create a link to a component catalog part in DigiKey or McMaster or a reference document located in DropBox or Google Drive.  

    How "Where used" queries work

    Length: :49

    "Where used" queries identify BOMs with a common Part Number.  It helps you track BOM relationships based on Part Numbers. 

    Restructuring and editing a multi-level BOM

    Length: 2:57

    This video shows you how to create multi-level, aka nested, BOMs.  

    Creating a multi-level BOM using item information

    Length: 1:16

    Creating a multi-level BOM using openBoM part search

    Length: 2:04